MACH Deauxquest It’s a Hot CDX RN MX MXS MXJ MJS
Ch. Deauxquest Dynamite Wizard
Deauxquest Twist n Shout
Hips OFFA Excellent 


Achievements: Completed CD in three shows, two 1st 195, 195 1/2

and one 2nd.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ch. Deauxquest Dynamite Wizard



 Ch. Gorca Merlin, OS, SDHF

ChTwin-beau-D’s Peterbuilt OS SDHF
Highmark Pecos River
Shr Deauxquest Guns To Glory UD JH OD HRCH  Morninglo’s Top Gun MH NA OS
Ch Wayward National Banner, CD NA  JH OD


  Deauxquest Twist n Shout CD CCA,

Am Ch OTCH Ct Can. High mark Once AKnight VCD4 OS SDHF Obhf Ch. Sheffield-ducat’s Spellbound SDHF OS
Highmark Pecos River Queen
Shr Deauxquest Mavica Pic UD Ax Axj JH OD Ch. Quillmark Causing An Uproar UD JH Wcx OS
HRCH Morninglo’s Pic of the Glitter UD SH NA